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NextLevel Performance Solutions™, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
6325 S. Jones Blvd
Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89118
P: 702.650.7600
F: 702.650.2350

NextLevel’s extensive experience in program management, performance improvement and organizational integration gives us a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to successfully execute in today’s dynamic environment.  Our Agile Program Execution is a proactive methodology that allows you the ability to manage the details of your program without the customer having to dictate what you need to change and fix.

Our Agile Program Execution methodology includes:

  • Pre-Award Support
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Proposal Transition Plan
    • Program Modeling
      • Decision Support Analysis
      • Cost Strategy Analysis
      • IMF (IMP, IMS, WBS, SOW)
    • Process Optimization
  • Process Transition Support
    • Program Start-Up Post Submittal through Program Steady State Ops
    • Major Customer Reviews Preparation
  • Program Improvement
    • Internal Performance Improvement
    • External Performance Improvement
    • Award/Incentive Fee Improvement
  • Engineering Services