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NextLevel Performance Solutions™, Inc.
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Program Life Cycle - Start Up
Plan for success – the time between proposal submittal and contract start up is where the seeds of success and unfortunately, the seeds of failure, are often sown. NextLevel works with the client to build a transition plan at the beginning of the proposal process so that clients have the right resources positioned at the right time for immediate execution. NextLevel provides expert teams, tools and processes to assist clients in synching the “as proposed” with the “ready to execute” to achieve smooth start up and alignment with customer expectations.

One of our specialized service offerings helps client teams gear up for the critical initial program activities that culminate in a successful IBR. Using a combination of proven tools, templates, training, coaching, teambuilding, process scenarios, and expert reviews, we work with client program teams to prepare required documentation and review materials.

We arm your teams with valuable communication techniques to ensure that they are ready to have compelling conversations with their counterparts. We help your teams create and sustain a “one-team” environment for success.

Program and Technical Reviews
We assist your teams assemble and brief successful critical technical and programmatic gates and reviews using the processes that have made Goyak so successful. Through a series of boiler rooms, dry runs, expert review teams and dress rehearsals, we help ensure that you and your customer achieve desired outcomes. We use compelling and unique techniques for communication, clarity and teamwork so that you get the most out of every interchange.