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How long does it take to create a useable model?

Standard model development time is 2 weeks (180 total hrs), using 2 modelers (90 hours each). The final product is a baseline model that can be used to process "What If" scenarios.

How is RapiPlan™ supported?

We offer 3 levels of effort:

Independent: Collaborative effort through the model development, provide extensive training and fall back to a reach back function only.

Combined Effort: Collaborative effort through the model development, provide operator & manager training to manipulate and understanding the results, and reach back plus on-site visits, as required.

Dependent: NextLevel™ driven effort in developing the model, provide operator manipulation, assist with understanding of results, and maintain on-site presence, as required.

Does RapiPlan™ replace existing applications?

RapiPlan™ does not replace any existing applications, tool or software. RapiPlan™ is an enhancement tool that works with all of your applications.

Does a significant change in my project require a complete re-do?

Although every effort is made to not have to re-build any model, there will be scenarios that will require a re-build. RapiPlan™ can incorporate additions or deletions with almost all levels of change complexity.

How is RapiPlan™ used as a discriminator?

RapiPlan™ is the only known tool that uses a dynamic environment of integrated Cost, Schedule, Performance, & Risk data to accomplish real-time analysis.

How long does it take to process a change request??

With RapiPlan's™ optimized solution scenario process you can devise complex, multiple change requests in a matter of hours. Due to the reduction in time to develop the optimized solutions, you can spend more time accomplishing analysis to derive executable plans for your customer.

Do you need specific technical skills to operate the model??

No, RapiPlan™ does not require any special skill sets of the operator. We recommend someone who has above basic computer skills, along with a greater understanding of project management. A project manager or equivalent is required to assist in the development of scenario criteria, variable & impact creation, and determining and creating measures for the dashboard.

What does the Optimized Scenario Process consist of?

RapiPlan™ runs numerous scenarios (mathematical comparative analysis) within the model in determining an acceptable solution that meets the stated criteria and parameters. The output is a succession of solutions that has been processed against all four project pillars; Cost, Schedule, Performance & Risk.


What are the staffing requirements to operate RapiPlan™?

Only a single operator is required to manage RapiPlan™ once the baseline model is established.

What size programs can RapiPlan™ handle?

There is no limitation on the size or complexity of a program. Obviously, the more detail and depth of a program the more effort it would take to establish the orginial baseline - potentially extending the model creation timeline by a few days. Once, the baseline is developed, all other aspects of RapiPlan™ are identical.

Is there a level of detail or maturity that the data has to be before we can use RapiPlan™?

No, RapiPlan™ can be built from the simplest set of data that has been scratched on the back of a bar napkin(OK, not that simple, but pretty close) all the way to the most sophisticated information. RapiPlan™ can automatically input the more common comma-separated vaule files, tab-delimited, and other like file formats. In the case of other data formats, it requires a human-in-the-loop to input the information into a pre-built template that RapiPlan™ can then manipulate the information.


Is there any other software required?

Yes, RapiPlan™ works in conjunction with Crystal Ball, an oracle software product that enables the optimized scenario runs. We can assist in the coordination of purchasing Crystal Ball if you do not already have it.


Is there specific hardware requirements?

No, there needs to be a PC (not Mac capable yet) that has standard operating parameters.